Secret Wars!

Not the one from the comics with the Beyonder and the Battleworld and the Galactus and so on and so forth…

Secret Wars is an awesome event that runs in Sydney at the Oxford Art Factory – artists battling each other on stage in front of an audience with wicked tunes.  There is also a separate space set aside for people to tag/do their own art as they feel like it, so it’s a pretty cool night.  I have been wanting to go for a while now, but it’s always on a school night so kind of hard to find the motivation to stay out that late.  Even tonight I was only really there long enough to see less than half the finished pieces.  If I had decided to drink I probably would have had less self-control and stayed out longer, but then I wouldn’t have had such a clear memory so you know…it’s six of one, half dozen of the other really  ;P

This is the only decent photo I got unfortunately, but it gives you an idea of how talented these guys are – the dude in the singlet is Sprinkles, the other one is Kon.  I liked Kon’s work better but they are both friggin’ awesome!  Also, hot.  😉

So I intend on going next month and maybe seeing if I can swing a late start at work the next day so I can actually stay for the whole night, I encourage anyone in Sydney to do the same!  It was a really fun night and I always find it really interesting to see artists at work rather than just seeing the finished product.

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