Work in progress

So now that I have my shiny new Mac, I can start doing stuff in photoshop again!  Yay!!

I have put a bunch of stuff up on my redbubble site already, and why no I am not too shy to send you there, why do you ask?  😉

The purpose of this post though is to show you what I have done so far on a print I am working on, inspired by the teaches of Peaches.

It is intended to be an unsettling image which I think comes across already, and I am looking forward to the challenge of doing something with a lot more shading and detail work than my normal stuff.

There isn’t really much to show off at the moment, but I am quite happy with it so I didn’t want to wait.  🙂

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Johnny Romeo Must Die: The Super Villain Series

Hi folks, long time no post!

I have been without access to my own computer for several months, so haven’t had a chance to update ye old blog….now that I have my pretty new iMac though, I can blather on about arty things on the internet to my heart’s content!

My friend Erin and I went to see Johnny Romeo Must Die on its opening night at NG Art Gallery in Chippendale this week.  It is a Sydney gallery that neither of us have been to before, but a really great space!  There’s a cafe area downstairs and a large room upstairs…it did get kind of crowded while we were there, but it didn’t infringe on the art space that much.

As for the exhibition itself, it was a series of very colourful dynamic renditions of popular super villains.  Any comic fans out there will recognise the Green Goblin and Riddler above, but they were far from the only villains present.  There were loads of infamous villains mainly from the worlds of DC and Marvel Comics, but also a couple of awesome Star Wars inspired pieces and even one of Chucky from the Child’s Play movies.

For a massive comic nerd like me it was awesome seeing characters that I instantly recognise in a more highbrow setting…the Darkseid, Darth Vader and Dr Doom pieces were friggin’ EPIC!  They are also great pieces without that added context though; visually really appealing with the bright colours and fun and interesting to decipher the meaning of each one with its juxtaposition of text and image.

The exhibition runs until November 5, if you’re in Sydney go check it out!



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