This is Yuki-onna, a spirit from Japanese folklore.  Ask wikipedia for more detailed info, that’s what I did.   ;^P

I got this frame from a second-hand store and designed her to fit the frame.  I like the use of negative space to imply detail – she is meant to have a white kimono and inhumanly pale skin which blends into the snow around her so I didn’t want to actually define any texture or features outside of her hair, her face and the folds in her kimono.

Having said that I think maybe she needs a little more work though….I think maybe it is too white?  I am thinking of adding a few extra strands of hair and maybe a couple more folds in the kimono, what do y’all think?

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  1. I don’t think it has too much white. I like a lot of white space myself. I also like the hair just like it is. It’s a little harder to distinguish the robe from the hair though. Nice piece…I like it when a work of art makes me have to think…visually. This would look equally great with some slight hint of color on the robe, or the opposite with a rich red or something on the robe. Just some alternate thoughts…(-:

    • Thanks Sherry!

      I don’t really want to put any color on the robe because I want it to be interchangeable with snow…I might play with some really pale blue shading for bits of it though…thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  2. i reckon some blue in it would be good; either pale to be kinda like ice/snow, or super deep to be create a different depth to the folds of the kimino?

    i only say dark though as that’s been more noticable in the pictures I’ve seen of her…which aren’t many.
    i do like all the white in yours though..

    also, i will buy this, yis? my friend Yuki is Yuki after Yuki Onna :]

    • YAY if you wanna buy it I am down with that! Fiddy bucks and it is yours! 😀

      I am gonna see what I can do about the blue….I don’t wanna make it too dark because my exhaustive hour of research on the internet leads me to believe that she is mostly associated with being a wraithy kind of snow spirit lady, so I wanted the white to be the most overpowering feature. I am sure I can do some blue highlights of some description though, and it will match the frame as well…

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