TAP Gallery’s Pride Art Exhibition 2011

Hey folks!

I have today submitted three pieces for display in a group show at TAP Gallery in Darlinghurst for Pride Festival.  As I only found out about the show late last week, I’m pretty impressed that I have managed to come up with three pieces for it (using two frames I had purchased ages ago from a second-hand store as well!).

One of the pieces is actually an old one, but there was an imperfection that I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix until just now – and having fixed it, it really improves the overall piece as a whole so that’s a good thing.

Preview of my submissions to this show are below…I also saw some other photos that are going to be in the show today when I was dropping my stuff off at the gallery, and can I just say PHWOARR…pretty hot stuff!  Really looking forward to this one, I hope it gets a good turnout!  🙂

If anyone wants more info, check out TAP’s website.

The opening night is Wednesday June 22, say hi if you come!  🙂


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Secret Wars!

Not the one from the comics with the Beyonder and the Battleworld and the Galactus and so on and so forth…

Secret Wars is an awesome event that runs in Sydney at the Oxford Art Factory – artists battling each other on stage in front of an audience with wicked tunes.  There is also a separate space set aside for people to tag/do their own art as they feel like it, so it’s a pretty cool night.  I have been wanting to go for a while now, but it’s always on a school night so kind of hard to find the motivation to stay out that late.  Even tonight I was only really there long enough to see less than half the finished pieces.  If I had decided to drink I probably would have had less self-control and stayed out longer, but then I wouldn’t have had such a clear memory so you know…it’s six of one, half dozen of the other really  ;P

This is the only decent photo I got unfortunately, but it gives you an idea of how talented these guys are – the dude in the singlet is Sprinkles, the other one is Kon.  I liked Kon’s work better but they are both friggin’ awesome!  Also, hot.  😉

So I intend on going next month and maybe seeing if I can swing a late start at work the next day so I can actually stay for the whole night, I encourage anyone in Sydney to do the same!  It was a really fun night and I always find it really interesting to see artists at work rather than just seeing the finished product.

For more info, check out http://www.secretwars.com.au/sydney/#/home

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Yuki-Onna (the finished piece!)

I have made a few final adjustments to this Yuki-Onna piece I showed y’all a couple of posts back.  I’ve posted a larger image to try and show it better, there are now pale blue snowflakes in the background…I felt that it needed a little more detail but I didn’t want it to be too detailed, so this seemed like a good compromise.  It also fits with the snow setting.


Fortunately I have already sold this piece without really even having to try!  Yay!  Heading off to deliver it in an hour or so!  🙂

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Sexy boys! (a little bit NSFW)

So I did some pieces which were going to be submitted to a publication in Queensland…unfortunately due to not having a computer I couldn’t really work them in Photoshop to the extent that they needed to be for publication before deadline.

I do like the images though and I generally don’t do anything that is overtly homoerotic so it’s all a bit new and exciting…I am gonna try and figure out something else to do with them.

OBLIGATORY WARNING: There is nothing SUPER obscene about these, but they are on the NSFW side so just be aware before you look…






As usual, thoughts and feedback most welcome!   🙂

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This is Yuki-onna, a spirit from Japanese folklore.  Ask wikipedia for more detailed info, that’s what I did.   ;^P

I got this frame from a second-hand store and designed her to fit the frame.  I like the use of negative space to imply detail – she is meant to have a white kimono and inhumanly pale skin which blends into the snow around her so I didn’t want to actually define any texture or features outside of her hair, her face and the folds in her kimono.

Having said that I think maybe she needs a little more work though….I think maybe it is too white?  I am thinking of adding a few extra strands of hair and maybe a couple more folds in the kimono, what do y’all think?

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