The Princess of Power and the Master of the Universe!

The Princess of Power and the Master of the Universe!

A sneak preview of a couple of pieces I have done for the Artboy vs Fanboy Comics Exhibition running from June 10-13.

The Masters of the Universe had my favourite fictional universe when I was a kid…I had nearly all of the He-Man figures, and even though I never actually bought any of the She-Ra ones (cause I ain’t a gurl don’tcha know) I loved her cartoon just as much.

Unfortunately time hasn’t really been kind to these old cartoons, but I will always have fond memories of them anyway.

For more on the exhibition, check out (much thanks to Tamzyn for help with the delivery and framing!)


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So I probably oughtta start using this thing…

Today I took a bunch of small pieces down to a local gallery/boutique for (hopeful) sale. This is the first time I have actually had my own stuff on sale somewhere, so I am pretty excited about the whole situation!

I also have a couple of commissions waiting in the wings and am working on a He-Man/She-Ra pair of drawings for an exhibition in Melbourne next month. I will post those ones once they’re framed!

Art life is going well at the moment!

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